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WINNING BOOKWINNING:It's a lot more fun! Yes it's a lot more fun when you win. Someone said, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose...until you lose! Now that's plain truth telling it like it is.

This is a collection of winning strategies, ideas, articles and formulas to make you a winner in every phase of your life. Written by Roger W. Breternitz CCht. In 325 pages it contains secrets of the world champions, insights about turning your desires in to actual reality, and converting ideas into deposits for your bank account, along with just how to attract joy in your life.

He draws from a wealth of 37 years of professional business sales and management, being a professional musician/band leader, tennis and ski instructor, engineering designer, writer for a national sports magazine, and hypnotherapist with 27 years experience in helping people restructure, and motivate their lives.

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