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What does it take to be good at any sport in competition? It takes training, fitness, and a willingness to learn new concepts, ideas, and methods. But, what if you've never competed, never had a coach to give insight to how the "Game" works, and show you the quickest way to the top? Or maybe you've learned the sport, but just never been able to "Grab that brass ring" of perfection, and you're looking for that next step to take you into the winners circle. If any of this describes you, then THIS is what you've been searching for, and it's guaranteed to do the job.

The "Mental" part of winning

It takes a lot of dedication, and practice to be good any anything, any sport, any game, or any competition where you need to do just the right thing at the right time. This is called FOCUS, or concentration, and you never know if you have it until the moment of truth, when all the game, set, match, or contest hangs on what YOU...not others, do. But, how do you develop this level of focus or concentration unless you have been in these pressure situations many times before? That's what this CD, this web site and this entire mental programming or REprogamming is all about.

The Sub-Conscious Mind

Many psychologists, and psychotherapists, along with students of the inner mind agree on one thing. It doesn't matter if you play your heart out, exhaust yourself beyond your limits, or "Die trying", until you seriously THINK you will be the winner, you'll come in second. As it says in the Bible, "As a man thinketh, so is he". So...your thinking or your inner belief system is what we focus on here at A WINNERS WAY, once you change the inside, the outside changes by itself.

Reprogramming the Sub-Conscious Mind

The sub-conscious is like a gigantic warehouse of information containing everything you've ever seen, heard, felt, touched, tasted, or experienced. Trouble is, not all of it is positive, and that is what keeps you from winning even when you've spent years training, practicing, and knocking yourself out to better and better. THIS is what our Relaxation Reprogramming CDs are all about, causing your SUBCONSCIOUS to believe you are a winner, no matter what your conscious mind thinks. Once this takes place, suddenly you start winning, and moreover, having a good time, fun, enjoyment, at your favorite sport. The more fun, the more winning and visa versa.

Commonalities of Winning

Winning has many faces, but the same thing is always true. Maintain concentration, zero thoughts in your mind, and let your body do the job perfectly that it can do without you "TELLING" it what to do. If this is so easy why isn't everyone doing their favorite sport on TV? Because our lively hood does not depend on winning on the football field, or making a 15 foot putt, or hitting a 127 mph tennis serve. We have an 8 to 5 job that keeps getting in our way, and it is to this end that we would like to concentrate like the pros, but don't have that time to hone this skill. That's what these CDs are all about, it training your mind, to be in sync with your body, which might not be all it was 20 years (or less) ago. But when the competition is equal, the age group is equal, and all things being said, it really only comes down to one thing. Your intensity of focus and concentration, to be just a little bit better than the person of your own age, strength, and training...when it counts. That's what separates the winners from the others.

Start TODAY!

It doesn't matter what sport you like, how well you do it, or how much you expect from yourself, if you perceive yourself a winner then you increase your chances double. You can start today by getting this mental reprogramming CD in which you are taught to visualize every phase of your sport, see yourself winning, and feel the enjoyment of taking home the trophy for first place. Even if you don't win right out of the box, you will have received more of a wealth of strength building, life expectancy increasing, and "Enjoyment programming", more than you are used to in your everyday life. This in itself is worth double the price of the CD, and it is money back guaranteed anyway. So don't wait, just plunge in, there's no risk and you could be sitting on top of #1 in your local area sport before you know it. Come on in, the "Water's fine", and take our advice...JUST DO IT, CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! $54.95 + $5 Shpg