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Mental reprogramming, Thought Visualization, Power Thinking, Behavior Modification, all these things, and related terms can be very confusing to someone just starting out on the "Quest for Life Change". We hope this page will shine some light on areas that may be a little "Grey" or "Foggy" for you. Aldus Huxley once said, "A mind expanded to a new dimension will never return to it's original state". So once you understand a concept, phrase or term it loses it's "Vagueness" and you gain a new perspective, and sometimes a new power over things, and situations that used to baffle you.


Q - What exactly IS hypnosis, and how can it help me?

A - Hypnosis is a state of mind where true reality is substituted for virtual (or mental) reality. You're driving down a long stretch of highway, you are bored, your mind begins to think of what you need to do for a future event, you begin to visualize the event, you get into it, hearing the people say what you think they will say, act like you think they might act. You're having a great time, it's high fives all around, you remember someone you need to call about the event, you anticipate it. Suddenly you've driven by your off ramp, you're doing 90, and there's a red light flashing behind you. Now you're worrying about making up a story about how your cruise control must be malfunctioning! YOU WERE HYPNOTIZED! How can it help you? When properly used it can change your subconscious belief system that is the "Avatar driver" of all your behavior. This belief system tells you what you can achieve, what you "Deserve" in life, and what you can expect from yourself. When you change your belief system you change the RESULTS you get in life. RULE OF THE MIND: Change the inside first and the outside (visible behavior) changes automatically.

Q - Who can be hypnotized?

A - Almost any one. When it comes to the act of BEING hypnotized it is the person who is the subject that actually hypnotizes themselves when told to relax. When people say, "Oh I can't be hypnotized" all they are saying is, "I WON'T ALLOW" myself to be hypnotized". Being hypnotized is simply the act of relaxing first your body, and then your mind. When told by the therapist that you are to let yourself go limp and loose, to begin to let your shoulders and neck to relax and go limp...if you don't do what is suggested is it any reason you will not become relaxed and go in to a deep state of hypnosis. It should be called SELF-hypnosis, because YOU are the person who puts yourself in a state of hypnosis by doing what the therapists tells you to do. That's why no one has control over you but YOU.

Q - Has hypnosis ever harmed anyone?

A - No. There has never been a recorded case of hypnotherapy or hypnosis causing anyone harm in any way, shape or form. This only happens in the movies or on TV. Hollywood has give hypnosis a totally false view of what it really is, because it would not be sensational if they depicted it the way it actually is. They show a hypnotist "Putting people under" in just a few seconds, which is utterly ridiculous, and making them do all sorts of crazy things. Stage hypnotists are also responsible for creating the "Skewed view of reality". The things they make people do are things these people would probably do just for fun anyway, but now they have an "Excuse" for acting like an idiot, or a chicken, or whatever they are told to do.

Q - Can hypnosis give someone power over me to make me do something I don't want to do or would not do otherwise?

A - No. This is not Hollywood, this is not the movies. Hypnosis can never make you do anything that you would not do otherwise. What it CAN do is help you do things that you really want to accomplish by giving you a new level of motivation, and belief in yourself. It is this *belief system that you want to change, and hypnosis can bring about a significant positive change in someone's belief system.

Q - What kinds of hypnosis are there?

A. Self- Induce hypnosis - Driving down the highway (See above)- Disguised Hypnosis- Using Hypnosis under another name to eliminate the resistance to it (Relaxation Reprogramming etc)- Trance Hypnosis - Putting some or yourself in a trance state by using the induction method or listening to a tape or CD - Waking Hypnosis - Commonly called the Power of Suggestion, like you MAY feel yourself getting a little more relaxed and sleepy. - Embedded hypnosis - Embedding commands into a sentence to go straight to the subconscious mind and them filtered up to the conscious, like BY NOW, you realize you really need what I'm selling, and I think YOU LIKE ME, realize that you need an edge in this market etc. You just embedded "BUY NOW, and YOU LIKE ME, into the sentence in reverse order, but the subconscious picked it up. Great tactic for salesmen.

Q -What is the subconscious mind and how does it work?

A - The subconscious mind is like a vast warehouse of information in your brain. So vast you cannot ever see the end. Like looking out at the ocean, not seeing the other side. It stores everything you've ever seen, heard, felt, smelled, touched, or experienced in any way. It is like a super powered all seeing, all hearing, all feeling recorder with an endless thousand tera bite hard drive. It is what gives you your belief system. This * belief system comes first of all from personal history. Your subconscious records every event, and then in the speed of light, plays it back to you, along with a pre-determined picture of the future result based upon the past results, and filters this info up to your conscious mind and you get a message telling you what you THINK you should do in the particular situation at hand. The trouble is...the belief system of most people is usually negatively biased, meaning they remember the negative things much better than the positive things. So...the subconscious may portray an false projection of a future event just based on negative personal history. RULE OF THE MIND: Past events do not dictate the outcome of future events. Just because some has beaten you in a sporting event/contest does not mean they are going to be victorious again. Once you change the belief system to a more positive existence, you have a good chance in changing the outcome of a similar event. RULE OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: The subconscious does not know if an event was real or imagined. So if you want to change your subconscious belief system, spend some time IMAGINING the outcome of what you would like to have happen. This goes back to hypnosis, because hypnosis is a powerful way of "Imagining" an end result, that allows you to input data to your subconscious directly, and quickly, and this data will change the belief system permanently.

Q - What is a belief system and how do you change it?

A - A belief system is what you truly believe about something. Truth in this instance is a very relative term. Truth to one person may not be truth to another. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, because it's you believing it's true that MAKES it true...for you. Once it becomes true for you, then you will do things to support it's truth. Ex: "Every time I have to hit a golf ball over a water hazard I hit into the water". Maybe the first time you attempted to hit over water you hit the water, then it worried you so much that you did it again. Now you accept it as YOUR truth, and you must hit into the water to support that fact that it's YOUR truth. You can hit the ball a country mile down the center of the fairway, but when you come to water, you do the same thing, again and again. That's YOUR truth, that you accept. If you change your belief system to wipe out that false belief that you have, suddenly you have a new reality, and the same thing does not happen when you know you can do better. A habit or belief system cannot be eliminated, it must be REPLACED. RULE OF THE MIND: What you believe is what you get. We live in an "Attraction Universe" and what you think about most, and what you believe, is what you get. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, that's what you get. So if your belief system is that "I never have enough money", that is exactly what you will get every month, "Not enough money". Change what you believe and you change what you get, and Hypnosis can help you change that belief system.

Q - How can I change a life long habit

A - Once again, a habit is the result of a belief system you have in place that says, "I must have this". This is what you believe, or THINK you believe. The nice thing about a habit is, it can be changed. Picture a vast array of horizontal tubes in your brain. In these tubes are "Habit holders" and the actual habit is a solid cylinder made out of foam, wood, concrete whatever you want, the heavier the material the stronger the habit. The tube is open at both ends. You can never have a empty tube, so if you want to rid yourself of a habit you don't like, you have to REPLACE it with another habit. EX: there is a habit in one of the tubes called "Smoking". It's just sitting there, and it's a heavy cylinder, made out on concrete, tough to get rid of. So you create another habit called,"Healthy living, life control, and breathing easy". This is also a very heavy cylinder, and you take it and put it up in the front end of the tube called smoking habit holder, and shove it in the tube with all your might. It pushes out the old habit "Smoking" and now you're free of cigarettes for good, because it is your new TRUE belief system about smoking. Once the belief system is changed everything else changes with it. You now have a new habit called, "Healthy life style, breathing easy, fresh breath, new strength and vitality" .

Q - Can I make my own hypnosis recordings?

A - Most certainly, all you need to do is write down the behavior you want to change, and how you will go about it. Get a small hand held recorder, and read the script into the recorder. Use very positive statements. DO NOT mention the problem you have saying you will not have it any more. This is acknowledging the problem and giving it validity. For instance if I said, "Don't think of the color BLUE, what would you think of...blue, of course. If you were trying to make a headache disappear you wouldn't say, "I don't have a headache any more". You would same something like, "My head and my mind feel relaxed and at peace, my eyes feel like they've been bathed in cool spring water, and I feel wonderful, with a new positive awareness".


Q - What kind of sports can be improved by using hypnosis?

A - Any sport. When you look at the realm of competition in any sport, what are the main categories of proficiency? Concentration: The ability to block out all stimuli surrounding you EXCEPT the ones that your sport demands of you. Relaxation: The ability to relax under pressure and allow your body to do what it does perfectly - REACT. Confidence:Knowing that you can come up with the goods when you need to. All of this is controlled by one thing, your inner or subconscious mind. It teaches you how to react perfectly in all situations, and give you the confidence that you CAN DO IT! Hypnosis can shape, control and activate this part of your being, making you the best, fastest, and most dangerous player in the game.

Q - Can I really improve my win/loss ratio using hypnosis

A - YES! Once you learn a sport you have been taught how to PLAY the sport, now you need to go to a COACH to learn how to WIN at the sport. Winning is different than learning to play. Learning to play is learning the muscle memory in order to re-create the same patterns over and over again, while factoring in loss of muscle strength, and endurance. Learning to win is the art of applying pre-tested techniques, and strategies in the face of unknown variables that result in overcoming the opposition. Much of this is controlling the mind to not get in the way of the automatic functions of the body that have been pre-programmed in to the brain during the learning and mental programming of the actions known to bring about the most successful results in that particular sport. In short hypnosis can help you program your brain to work perfectly on automatic function without any help from the conscious mind.


Q - Can I control other people and situations using hypnosis?

A - To some degree. The list of things you can do to influence other people in social situations is as long as your arm, but some of these things range from reading non-verbal behavior to controlling responses in many types of personalities. You can know if someone is lying to you or fabricating information, you can know if they are accessing their mind for information remembered or constructed (making up something that never happened) which can give you an edge in knowing a person's credibility, and level of truhfulness. Matching, mirroring, and pacing are all techniques you can learn from the BOOKS, CDs and DVDs offered on this web site.


Q - What is NLP anyway?

A - Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is simply the methods of how we receive and transmit verbal and non-verbal information about everything in life when we communicate with each other. It was developed by two people Richard Bandler, and John Grinder and according to Wickapedia it says :

The co-founders, Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, believed that NLP would be useful in "finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives". They coined the term "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" to emphasize their belief in a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience ("programming") and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.

Quick Version - People organize their lives around one of three "Biases" Visual, Audio, and Kinesthic. A visual person PICTURES things in their mind when they talk to you. So if they tell you how to get somewhere and their eyes go up to the right, they are picturing the actual spot in the directions they are giving you. When you talk to a VISUAL person you should use words and phrases like, "Can you SEE what I'm talking about, how does this LOOK to you, LOOK at the way this situation has developed". Then they will understand you, much better, and you get rapport with them. If you are talking to an AUDIO person, you use words and phrases like, " Can you HEAR what I mean...say...are talking about etc. If you say SEE, LOOK etc. to this person they can't HEAR you as well. KINESTIC people organize their life around FEELINGS. So, you say, "Doesn't this have a good FEEL to it, how to you FEEL about $XX down payment, let's TOUCH on a few things here. Then once again you get better rapport with this type of person. Visual people are "A" types, high energy, fast talkers, use their hands when they talk, most people are visual. Audio people are slower, lower keyed, soft talkers, no hand gestures. Kinesthic people are basically dead (you'd think) they are very slow in all areas of speech, action, they think a lot before talking.

If you keep in mind these rules for communication with people, you will gain rapport with them faster, have a greater understanding with them and find less resistance from people in all situations. For more info about NLP just do a Goggle search and you will have more info than you can handle in one sitting.


Q - What is the term "SUBLIMINAL" and how does it work.

A - The writings on subliminal reprogramming could fill an encyclopedia, but essentially subliminal means, "Below the conscious level or SUBconscious level. Your mind has two definite divisions, CONSCIOUS and SubConscious. Your conscious mind is what makes disc ions like what to wear, who to call, what's for dinner, all day to day tasks. Your SUBconscious mind is like a gigantic warehouse of information that keeps a file on everything you've ever done, heard, felt, tasted, etc. It constructs your belief systems, tells you what you THINK you deserve, and what you THINK you can accomplish in life. It also controls your automatic functions, your flight or fight response, and was designed to make decision for you that resulted in your life safety, or helped you to continue to survive when being chased by a Tyrannosaurs Rex. This subsonic mind is the seat of all your behavior, according to the "Shrinks", and it decides if you "Deserve" to get what you've got, are going to win in a contest, and again, it is connected very closely to the belief system it has given you. Bottom line: if you were aware of a thought it's not SUBconscious. You can say, "Oh I screwed up because I subconsciously wanted to". Well if you are aware of the fact that you "Wanted to" then it's not subconscious. Your inner or subconscious mind might be telling you that you're not worthy of NOT screwing up, or you don't deserve to be a success in a certain situation. That is why you need to change your inner belief system or subconscious mind to truly believing you DESERVE to win or be a success. SUBLIMINAL CDs work on the principal that the commands given on the tape or CD are so low in volume that you cannot CONSCIOUSLLY hear these commands and therefore they go into the SUBconscious mind more quickly. On the actually CD you are listening to the "Mask" or what is actually heard by the conscious mind, like soft music, or nature sounds etc., and the belief changing commands are running in the background.

Q. How "Smart" in the Subconscious Mind?

A. Smarter that the worlds fastest computer. The subconscious can understand 3 conversations at once, read a message upside down and backward, remember data from when you were 5 years old, recall anything you have ever seen or heard, because it's all there in the big mental warehouse. Getting it out now, is the big trick. People have been hypnotized to remember a license plate number of a speeding get-away car in a robbery, and much more, because it's there in the first place. If you take a recording of spoken word and speed it up 3X the subconscious can remember it under hypnosis.

Q - Can I be influenced or programmed with subliminal techniques?

A - YES! If a car salesman says to you, "By now, you realize that this car is going to give you the best value...and I think that, you...like me, realize the price is a great buy tonight for you to take this car home. He has just imbedded 3 subliminal commands in your subconscious, because you didn't hear them consciously. Even though he said BY now...your subconscious heard...BUY now, and the words - you...like me...realize..... etc. were perceived by the subconscious as "YOU LIKE ME". Pretty soon you're thinking, "I don't know what it is about this salesman but I like him", and you start thinking about buying the car NOW...and possibly BUY TONIGHT. Some people think that subliminal tapes and CDs don't have any effect on your behavior, and some think they are awesome. The only thing is to find out for yourself...JUST DO IT.