BE a NON-SMOKER in 30 Days or LESS!

The Process Of ChangeNON SMOKER

Change is sometimes the last thing that we want to have happen in our lives.It makes us uncomfortable, it pushes us "Off center", and turns our lives upside down. There are loads of "Cures" and physical aids to quit smoking, and sadly most of them all deal with the symptoms. All these remedies have one thing in common...they DO NOT TREAT THE PROBLEM! The problem of MENTAL dependency. Your MIND thinks your body needs something, and therefore creates a belief system that supports the need for cigarettes and nicotine. Change your belief system and all the rest changes automatically...and more important...permanently!!! Our CDs change your belief system. They cause you to truly believe that your body is a perfect creation, not in need of any outside stimuli, or gratification in the form of smoking. It's based on the premise; change the inside first and the outside changes automatically. In this case, change is not only good, but necessary to you becoming free from cigarettes and harmful smoke in your lungs.

One Month

In 30 days become a non-smoker. Yes you can! With our relaxation reprogramming CD system, you can kick the habit without drugs, patches, gum, or any type of aversion therapy. Life long smokers have used this method to become successful in breaking the chains of cigarette addiction, making it a permanent change, and so can you. We guarantee you will be a non-smoker in 30 days or your money back! You've got nothing to lose, but your cigarettes!

Complete System

This is not just a CD to listen to a few times a week, it is a complete behavior modification system for helping you develop the power you've always had to turn your life around and become a free breathing non-smoker. It is THE most complete and powerful program on the market for a person who HAS DECIDED TO QUIT, and start enjoying the more healthy and beautiful side of life. This is you...or you wouldn't be reading this page in the first place.

What You Get

CD 1
SHOWS YOU HOW TO:Take and active part in your recovery - How to use the materials we send - Keep your promise of quitting. This causes you to take a major part in the DESIRE to quit, and helps you break the first link in the chains that have been holding you to smoking for all this time.

CD 2
This CD puts you into a very relaxed state of being allowing your subconscious mind to be highly susceptible to suggestion, in this case the reprogramming affirmations.

Individual sheets that fit into the cellophane wrapper of your smokes on which you keep a record of your smoking habits. Individually THE one most important item in helping your break the first link in the chain of smoking cigarettes...AND, helping you keep a promise to yourself.

PROGRESS WORK SHEETS - Actually track your progress, and know how much you are progressing

When you try to quit on your own with the patches, gum, etc. it never really lasts, because of one're STILL a smoker inside your mind! YOUR MIND DICTATES YOUR BEHAVIOR. CHANGE THE INSIDE FIRST AND YOU'RE A NON-SMOKER PERMANENTLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE... GUARANTEED!

Imagine the way you will feel, and the freedom you'll have without the habit of smoking in your life. Your lungs will begin to repair themselves, and you will breathe deeply and feel more invigorated, things around you will appear brighter, lighter, and fresher. Your family will thank you, your children and grandchildren will want to be around you more often now. Read what American Cancer Society says about what happens to your body when you have quit smoking! You will begin to meet people who would never approach you before, or who would shun you because of the way you smelled.YOUR-LIFE-WILL- BE- CHANGED-FOREVER! will NEVER go back! GUARANTEED! Don't wait till you NEED to quit!


FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You WILL be a non-smoker in 30 days or money back! We can make this guarantee because we have faith in you to listen to the CDs, use the workbook, use the Ciggi Records as instructed, and put it all together to break the chains of smoking and start your new smoke free life of heath and vitality. You didn't aquire the habit in a few days and you won't be getting rid of it in that short period of time either, but one things is sure. If you use this program as instructed, keep an open mind, and do the visualizations you WILL be successful in your quest to become a non-smoker, and it WILL positively affect the rest of your life. JUST DO IT!