Automatic Behavioral Responsewinning love

You are constantly giving out subliminal signals, below the level of conscious awareness. At the same time you are receiving the same kind of signals,and you need to respond tothem instantly or you're out of the game! Unless these behavioral responses are made instantly at the right time, in the right manner, and are totally spontaneous YOU STRIKE OUT! This is called AUTOMATIC BEHAVIORAL RESPONSE, and some people just have it naturally. You can use all the pheromones you want, read all the "How to get lovers" books you can get your handson, and none of it works if your ABR is not in place. Once you master ABR you don't need anything else, it's almost illegal for getting the object of your affection to be attracted to you.

Works any time - Any place!

Crowded bars, parties, noisy environment where you can't have a "Real" conversation. Work environment when you don't have a lot of time. Any place where you meet someone you are attracted to...GUARANTEED!

Looks & Appearance

Most people think they should only be able to attract a mate that is only of a certain degree of "Prettiness" or "Handsomeness", and trying to get to know that special "Drop-dead gorgeous" guy or girl is out of the question. Don't believe it! You see plain looking guys with great looking chicks every day, and visa versa. This PROVES it must be something else besides looks.

It's not LOOKS that make the difference, it's a state of mind, confidence, and a state of reacting with the right subliminal answers to the subliminal questions you are being asked. Know how to give these correct answers on a subconscious level and you'll have more "Action" than you can matter what you LOOK like. Each time you speak you either bringsomeone closer to you or drive them away. Which do you want to do? Studies show that many women, no matter how beautiful, have stopped putting looks as the number one reason for saying "Yes" to a man, and many men have said that they get bored with a women really fast when only looks are involved. Be able to "Light up a room" with your presence, and the opposite sex will come to YOU!

2 CDs Give you great power to change

This is a two CD system (60 min. ea.) consisting of one CD that has powerful information on how to make yourself more attractive, what to wear, preparation for meeting people, secret truths about great lovers. It also exposes many myths on interaction of couples, and gives you years of experience in just a short time. How to spot liars, know when someone is lying to youor making up a story that's not totally true, realize when a person is truly using their mind and thinking to answer your questions, instantly recognize someone who is NOT right for you, and many other very powerful social interaction skills. Just this CD alone is worth the price to acquire it. CD number two actually reprograms your subconscious to cause you to do and say just the right things at the right time to bring about the desired end result.

CD #1

This CD lets you in on some of the little known secrets that the "Smooth operators" use in attracting and maintaining sexual attraction. It is written for both men and women. Learn how to alter your speech to implant subliminal positive messages about yourself to some else, get into another person's mental computer and "Reprogram" it to get the response you want...all without their knowledge.This system is guaranteed to make you a seductive magnet to the opposite sex in no time or your MONEY BACK.

CD #2

This CD is the Relaxation Reprogramming portion of the system. It puts you into a deep state of relaxation causing the subconscious mind to open up and become greatly receptive to suggestion, and reprogramming of your deepest belief system. This belief system is what controls your perception of what you deserve, how much confidence you have, and many times chooses success or failure for the outcome of your meeting with that special someone... when you finally do meet them. If you seem to sabotage your own efforts to favorably impress someone whom you find attractive, then you needto be listening to this CD right now. This mental reprogramming CD also instills in your subconscious the automatic reactions necessary to reply nonverbally to the non-verbal language you are receiving and sending out. Picking up these signals are just as important as giving them, and CD 2 helps you become automatic in reflecting back just the right signals at just the right time. When you follow the CD you WILL be turning yourself into a powerful AUTO-SEDUCTIVE MAGNETIC! Don't wait, get this system today and start using it tonight! These folks have changed their lives forever and you can too! Don't spend another wasted night by yourself, get MAGETIC AUTO-SEDUCTION now and start attracting a higher level of partners into your life right away. Take us up on our money back guarantee.

$54.95 + $5 Shp.


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