Are you a thin person in a fat person's body?

weight loss
• Have you wanted to know how it would feel to be your correct weight?

• Do you try to loose weight, exercise, and eat properly, and it never seems to work, no matter how hard you try?

• Do you think about food more than sex? Would you like to ENJOY the feeling of being hungry?

If the answer was YES to any of these questions you need the WEIGHT LOSS RELAXATION REPROGRAMMING Duo CD System from A WINNERS WAY.

These CDs are guaranteed to give you significant weight loss result in 30 days or less or your money back. We can make that claim because we know it works and people begin to see a difference sooner than you think.Your conscious mind says "I want to lose weight, I want to look good, I want to have a normal life", but your subconscious has a different agenda, and that agenda says "Give in, enjoy yourself, nobody would be interested in you anyway!" Does that sound familiar? What you need to do is realign your inner belief system to match up with what you consciously believe or want to have happen. This requires more work than some people want to admit. With our Relaxation Reprogramming CDs you approach the problem from a different angle. The angle of reprogramming the SUB-conscious mind. Change the INSIDE first and the OUTSIDE will change accordingly. You will become a person who ENJOYS leaving the table BEFORE you get all you THINK you need to eat.You will ENJOY being a little bit hungry. You rearrange your belief system and the rest changes all by itself just like magic!


This is a DUO CASSETTE SYSTEM consisting of two 60 minute separate audio CDs.


CD number one gives you special instructions about the actual aspects of losing weight, forming goals, and achieving those goals of dropping the unwanted and unhealthy weight. This is like a mini-book on the physical battle of weight loss.


This CD is the Relaxation Reprogramming CD that restructures your belief system that is responsible for your impulsive actions, and lack of direction and will power...which got you to the place you are in the first place. When you change this belief system or the "Inner mind" the outer physical state changes automatically. You begin to feel stronger, have more will power, and truly begin to believe YOU...CAN... DO...IT! You just listen to the CD once a day for approximately two weeks and suddenly you feel a powerful change coming over you and your desires. You begin to actually LIKE the feeling of still being hungry at the end of each meal. You realize you DON'T need to feel satisfied before getting up from the table. The pounds begin to melt away, and...IT'S PERMANENT! You don't put it back on the next month!


This is my personal guarantee to you, that after 30 days of listening to the reprogramming section of CD # 2 if you are not totally satisfied with the results, just return it in the original condition, and we will refund the purchase price (minus shipping and handling). But...we at A Winners Way are more concerned with you becoming the thinner, in-shape, and healthier person you deserve to be, and that's why we offer a guarantee when we have no way of verifying if you actually DO listen to the reprogramming CD, and do it ONCE A DAY with regularity. We assume anyoneconcerned enough to search out a self-improvement web site like this, order a program like this, and pay the money (even thought it's guaranteed) will be the kind of person that will be successful in their attempt to WORK at losing the pounds, WORK at doing the duties to become thinner, and have an open mind that will allow them to change their belief system, which will change their entire lives! Change is not easy, you did not become the weight you are over night, and you will not wake up one morning and be thin. But it all starts with the first step, the first effort and continues with the same focus, and concentration. Then each day it becomes easier, and you begin to see and feel results, and now you feel the power of accomplishment, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As they say...JUST DO IT!!

Roger W. Breternitz CChtp. - Founder - A Winners Way