SUPER CREATIVITY - Tapping your Greatest Asset!

Releasing all the Creative Genius

Are you a writer, a musician, a painter, a singer, a sculptor, actor, a potter, or anything else that requires a higher amount of creativity? Almost any job a person undertakes would be elevated with just a little more creativity. Some people are just naturally creative, other just THINK they missed out. In this case just opening your mind to all the infinite possibilities brings you in touch with that part of you that is more creative than you ever give it credit for. So opening your mind is one of the functions of this CD.

What is the creative process? How DO you become creative? Why can't you just turn it on like a light switch? Why does it come when we least expect it? How do you keep it going? All these and more questions get answered on this CD.

A Learning Process

How do you LEARN to be creative? Really creative people are those who don't TRY to be creative, they just ARE. You can reach that level too if you just learn to relax, yes...relax your mind when trying to find the answer, come up with an end product, or result. The trouble with relaxing your mind is, it's a tough job to relax anything when you're under pressure to deliver, be it an ad campaign, a song, a painting, a script, or anything else that just doesn't jump up and bite you on the...whatever. How come when you're trying to remember something from the past, and the harder you try, the farther away the answer retreats from you? But, when you relax and forget about it momentarily, suddenly there is the answer, jumping up at you. Creativity is like that, but you have to LEARN how to coax it out of the shadows, bring it into the light. Then people start calling you, "Creative"!

Trusting Yourself

The biggest hurdle to get over in coming up with new creative ideas is...TRUST. Yes, trust yourself to be right and don't punish yourself if you're wrong. You will start to come up with more "Right" ideas, and fewer wrong ones. Once again it is all in BELIEF. A belief system that says you have confidence in what you do, because you have the experience, the background, and the know-how to do it right, and with a fresh new slant on things. TRUTH: The most rewarding creative ideas and concepts sometimes come from the most ridiculous mistakes. It's the old adage, "You can never hit the bulls eye, until you first miss it many times". Once you come up with a few creative ways of looking at things, and few new answers to old problems, suddenly you'll look at yourself and realize..."Yeah, that's me, I can do this, I can be just as creative as the next person." And you know're RIGHT!

What this CD does

It also implants commands in your subconscious mind to cause you to relax when you need new creative answers, thus allowing you to think more efficiently, clearly, and come up with more creative solutions in a quicker time frame. You'll be amazed at the results you seem to pull out of thin air!

So...if any of this sounds like you and your situations, don't wait, don't think about it (like everyone in your situation feels they have to do), get on the path to a more creating and rewarding life, you'll have more fun, begin to see things you've missed, and just enjoy it more...just do it and CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!$54.95 + $5 Shpg