DON'T DRINK & DRIVE! - DWI offenders - This can keep you out of jail (again) and save you big $$$$


If you think you can beat the system, or the odds, or the know you're just kidding yourself! If you drink and drive (again) or at all, you ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT! It's just a matter of time. The sad thing about it all is, people who did it once WILL do it again...and then again. Finally they lose their license and then they're walking or taking the bus. This CD is a very powerful mental belief restructuring tool to reprogram your ideas and inner truths about drinking alcohol, getting under the influence of it and then thinking you can get behind the wheel of a vehicle You've done it before and gotten away with it, meaning you never got pulled over, had an accident, or killed someone...YET. Or maybe you have, if so then you need this more than you need the keys to your car. Most likely it's already happened to you...if you're reading this.

Why people drink and drive

It's not the drinking that's the problem, it's the driving afterward that costs you money, jail time, and maybe a life. Everyone has a belief system, that means they THINK they know what is true, what is real, and what is going to be good, and bad for them. Trouble is some of these belief systems have a glitch in the programming, especially when they have had 2 or more drinks. It affects different people different ways, and for some people it makes them feel MORE confident, more self-sufficient. These are the dangerous ones, they usually are the second offenders, and the people who end up having to take the bus as mentioned earlier. Finally they realize after their license suspension that they've got to do something, so they join AA and now they think they are on their way to recovery. Trouble is, they've got the SAME belief system, they just WANT a drink more now, or promise not to drive after drinking. That works for a while until it gets old, and pretty soon there they are turning the key in the engine while the world is spinning around...just a little, but that's ok, until the red light comes on behind them, and they hear, "Please blow into this". When this happens, now you are called a "Second offender". All because of a belief system that was seriously flawed. We here a A WINNERS WAY want to help you change that.

Changing your belief system

If you've gotten a DWI then you know your belief system is got a hole in it somewhere. Somehow you thought you could drive after getting under the influence, and get away with it...and keep doing it. Very few people get caught on their first time doing it. It's the 25th or the 125th time they do it, that they end up going to jail, because their belief system says that they can KEEP doing it for ever, and it's ok. This CD will replace your old belief system about drinking, needing to drink, and drinking and driving at the same time. It will reprogram your inner mind to truly believe that you will NEVER get behind the wheel after drinking. We can't say we can cure your alcohol problem, but we can say we'll help you realize you're not going to drive after drinking. Once you change this belief that you CAN get away with it, to you CAN'T get away with it, you don't WANT to get away with it, and confirm the fact there's too much at stake, you're a different person with a different belief system, and it may save your life. And guess's PERMANANT!


This issue of driving while "Under the influence" may be a little more challenging than a lot of the other areas we deal with in behavior modification at A WINNERS WAY, because it has an issue of physical dependency as well as mental dependency. Anything with a physiological dependency is much harder to become victorious over, because it requires adjusting your body and it's needs, along with your mental dependency. This is a double barrel shotgun pointed right at you. That's why it takes changing the INSIDE or inner mind first, and the outside behavior will change automatically. Once your mind truly believes something is real, it becomes real and you notice the changes, and the changes become very lasting. Your mind is the single most powerful entity to control your world, your universe, and how you use it can make the difference in the quality of life you enjoy, or hardships you have to endure!

What this CD does

So...if any of this sounds like you and your situations, don't wait, don't think about it (like everyone in your situation feels they have to do), get on the path to a more creating and rewarding life, you'll have more fun, begin to see things you've missed, and just enjoy it more...just do it and CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!$54.95 + $5 Shpg




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