Corporations desiring to better serve their clients and potential clients have quickly realized the value of good training in both sales, customer service, employee relations, security, sexual harassment, and a host of other valued topics. In sales, once a salesperson acquires a new technique in dealing with new or potentially new accounts, and it results in more successful results, everyone benefits. The best part is, that expanded level of proficiency and income remains indefinitely after the training. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size." The end result: Knowledge is Power". Roger W. Breternitz has been presenting "Power of knowledge" seminars since 1975, and continues to help companies, organizations, and individuals with new ways of becoming more efficient, harmonious, and profitable!

SALES - Motivation & TrainingSales Training

• POWER SALES PERSUASION TECHNIQUES - Escape the 5 deal breaking pitfalls every salesperson does

• NEURO-LINGUISTIC NON-VERBAL CLOSING TECHNIQUES - Most powerful information a salesperson can be armed with

• SUCCESS SELLING TO ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE - Learn the techniques that result in success with all races, genders, and vocations

• IMBEDDED COMMANDS-MIRRORING-MATCHING-PACING - Some day they will make this illegal

• HIGHER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - After the sale, they will love you, and keep coming back!

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS - Harmony & Team Efficiency

• MORE EFFICIENT WAYS OF COMMUNICATION - Why some people never listen, or will always listen

• STRESS MANAGEMENT - The art of instant relaxation

• SUCCESS DYNAMICS - Program your mental computer to do the work, and success is a by-product

ADDED BONUS - Video Record of your Event

At no extra charge your seminar or event presentation will be video taped and you will be given a copy on DVD disc. This can then be played for new hires, or review for employees whenever you feel the need.

CALL TO SET AND APPOINTMENT - Harmony & Team Efficiency

Most companies would like Tony Robbins, but they can't afford Tony Robbins. Roger W. Breterntiz was presenting POWER OF KNOWLEDGE seminars and NLP Selling techniques, management harmony, seminars before Tony Robbins held his first meeting.

MY GUARANTEE: If my presentations do not positively effect your company, corporation or business in a manner that YOU THINK is valuable, any fees paid to me will be refunded with in 30 days of seminar or presentation.

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