Why does it seem like money just flows to some people? How does it happen that some folks just have a "Knack" for attracting money like a magnetic? Is it just luck or do they have something special they're not telling the rest of the world? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, you're not alone.

Lets examine the laws of attracting money and look at why money flows in the directions it does.


There have been hundreds of books written about money, how to make money, how to attract money, and the list goes on and on. But...if there are so many people who are showing thousands more how to become rich...why isn't everyone...RICH? In sales, why do 5% of the salesman sell 90% of the product? In business why do some people have a "Midas touch", and everything they do works out. They're not all geniuses, they all didn't have "Dads" with money, they weren't all "Lucky", and they most likely worked hard for what they got. The big difference that all of them possess in common is usually one thing. They had a BELIEF SYSTEM that said they could do it. You've heard the saying, "Luck comes to those who work for it"... "The harder you work the luckier you get", and the famous one, "Fate smiles on a prepared mind". What you THINK about becomes your reality. If you think about how to generate cash, opportunities will come, if you dwell on how you don't have enough money, soon you will have less! You draw to you what you fear most. That's what this CD is all about, is to give you a belief system that turns your thinking in to opportunities, and opportunities in to CASH!


What if you were convinced, totally, absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ANYTHING you tried would be a success. Which is better, total belief in your ability, or total absence of fear of failure. It's just two ways of describing the same thing. This CD will reprogram your belief system to change your outward behavior making you invincible to failure, and convinced of success, then watch out world! And don't's guaranteed or money back!


There is an old Biblical verse, " As a man thinkith, so is he", and no truer words were ever spoken, remember THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! And what you think about most becomes reality for you, right here, right - your- face! That's what our CDs do, is change your belief system, to instill in you the fact that you were born with all the intelligence, all the energy and power necessary to become a winner at what ever you do. In this case, bring in more income, cash, spend able money! Once this belief system becomes a reality, the the money starts coming, in the form of opportunities first. And because of your new belief SEE these opportunities AS opportunities. Sometimes they are disguised as problems, but a true winner takes problems and makes opportunities out of them. That's why they're called...WINNERS!


This is very simply is a reprogramming device for anyone desiring to make more money in any job they choose to work in. It is not a relaxation reprogramming CD where you have to invest time and listen to it in quiet. You can play it anywhere any time in the background while working, driving, etc.

PLAY IN THE BACKGROUND - You are driving down the road, you're working around the house, or working out with a headset on, you pop it in your CD player, and you can either listen consciously (hearing each positive statement) or SUB-consciously by turning it down just below your conscious understanding audio level. That way it goes right to your deepest inner level, your sub-conscious mind which is (according to most psychologists) the seat and originator of ALL your behavior. Bottom start to actually DRAW opportunities and money to you like a magnet! So far in all the "Money magnetics", CDs we have sold not one has been returned. So don't wait until you NEED the money, until you have to spend your last $39.95 in desperation to climb out of a financial hole to get the CD... JUST DO IT! Start the ball rolling on becoming financially secure, because when it comes down to everything you have - or's all about the money!!

So...if any of this sounds like you and your situations, don't wait, don't think about it (like everyone in your situation feels they have to do), get on the path to a more rewarding life, draw to you the financial independence you deserve, the life you were meant to have...just do it and CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!34.95 + $5 Shpg