INSOMNIA OVERRIDE - Sleep - Sleep -Sleep

Stop Keeping Yourself Awake! insomnia

Some people can sleep anywhere, anytime, any place, and they do it naturally...HOW? They first of all can quite their mind because they quit worrying, they don't let their problems be the most important thing in their life. Through hypnosis this CD teaches you how to focus on nothing. Force all conscious thought out of your mind and then sleep comes easily and quickly.

The Process of Sleep

In order for sleep to occur your "Wake center", must be in neutral, that means you can't be thinking conscious thoughts. As long as a conscious thought is going through your mind you WILL-NOT-SLEEP...end of story. This is true in most cases as long as the person is not sleep deprived etc. Unless you have sleep apnea, or a physical disorder, it's your mind that keeps you from sleeping, and that's what we deal with at A Winners Way...your mind. What if you world was perfect, no bills, no children in jail, no pending divorce, no hit contracts on your life, and things are going your way. Could you sleep then? Most likely, like the proverbial rock! But, what if things are not all perfectly aligned, and your problems are small? What do you do to get in to that blissful mode of "REM", as they say. That's what this CD is all about, teaching you how to quiet your mind and body to a relaxed state of being, and the result is...SLEEP!

Your Perception of Life

Everyone has a different perception of everything that happens to us. The old Chinese proverb says, "There is no right or wrong, only your perception of it". So what if you could change the way you think, the way you perceive events, to realize that "There's always a good reason, and answer for everything that happens". Develop a super positive attitude, that gives you new confidence that causes you to realize that you can handle anything. Suddenly your worries would melt away, your mind would be quiet and you could...SLEEP ANYWHERE. Worry is only the fixation on a future negative event that may never happen, and WORRY will! Worry that you are going to lose what you have or WHO you have. Worry that people's perception of you is less than you think you deserve. All this goes together to activate your wake center, and you are....AWAKE!

What this CD does sleep

It also implants commands in your subconscious mind to cause you to relax. The more you listen to the CD the better you get at learning HOW to relax. Pretty soon you can fall asleep easily anyplace, any time.

So...if any of this sounds like you and your situations, don't wait, don't think about it (like everyone in your situation feels they have to do), get on the path to a more energized body from a good night's sleep...just do it and CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! $54.95