Try a FREE CD - Experience the feeling & benefits of Deep Relaxation

The Deep Relaxation CD

This CD takes you in to a relaxation reprogramming session where you LEARN how to go deeply in to a state of deeper relaxation that you get even during sleep. Getting to this state of deep relaxation is easier for some people that others but it is a learned response. The more often you listen to the CD the deeper you go and the faster you get there.


The FREE part

The Deep Relaxation CD has a price of $39.95 regularly and we send it to you absolutely free when you pay the shipping cost of $4.95. Because we are charged a fee for processing credit cards we ask you to simply put a check or $5 bill in a folded piece of paper in an envelope and send it to: Vector Studios- 16 ANDORRA ST. , LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA. 92677. We will send you out the Deep Relaxation CD right away as soon as we get your envelope. Since this is an offer to show you what our products are like and give you a chance to experience the state of deep relaxation, it is offered free as a demo PRECEEDING any orders and not to be INCLUDED with any order of our other products.