Championship Tennis - Mental as well as physical

PHASE 1 - Beginner - Intermediate level DVD (below)

PHASE 2 - Mental Win Reprogramming Systetennis dvdm

Championship Tennis Instructional System

(1) Phase-1 DVD(Below) - DVD FOR BEGINNING / INTERMED. PLAYERS - Ground strokes, Serve, Volleys, Overhead Smash & Drop Shots - Learn at your own speed, 8 lessons in all - Along with an EQUIPMENT SELECTION TUTORIAL. Saves you time and money from buying the wrong racket, shoes, clothes and more!

Check out the intro on the DVD...OR CLICK ON PHOTO AT RIGHT, this will give you an idea of what to expect, how some of the instruction takes place, and maybe motivate you to "JUST GET STARTED"...JUST DO IT! Most people who try to learn tennis give up after the first few attempts because it's the "Easiest looking, hardest DOING sport there is. They watch the pros on TV and it seems so smooth and effortless...the way they hit the ball. The trouble is, it's not apparent how many thousands of calculations and adjustments goes through a person's mind when they see the ball coming at them about 60 MPH! That's why you just can't go out to Big 5, buy a $30 tennis racquet and start to even hit it back inside the fence, let alone the white lines! You need to start at "Page one" of instructional learning, and that's what we do on this CD. If you're able to do the warm-up exercises on the beginning lesson, you'll be on your way to hitting the ball with control and starting to have fun, and isn't that what it's all about? Again...JUST DO IT!

FREE INTRO VIDEO TENNIS LESSON CLICK HERE - Or on photo at right. This will get you started in learning WHY it's not easy to just go out there and start looking like a pro.

TEACHING PROS - Here's the ultimate teaching aid for illustrating the proper grips on all shots and strokes

PERFECT GRIPThe Perfek Grip Grip Trainner (New and improved)-Employs the idea that it's better to FEEL the correct grip than constantly have to LOOK at your hand on the racquet to make sure. It's great for beginners and especailly instructors tgrip trainereaching beginners. ALSO...retail shops love it because we have a great volume discount.- View on You Tube

If you are an teaching pro with beginning students, this is THE ultimate teaching aid for illustrating the correct grip position for all types of shots and strokes. The PERFEK GRIP saves time and shortens the learning curve. It combines visual and sensory acuity along with spoken instruction. Immediately the student FEELS the correct grip as guided by the PERFEK GRIP “Locator post”, they anchor this FEELING with how their hand LOOKS on the racquet, and that action is locked into their mind more permanently. Application is very simple and fits any size racquet.

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BEGINNERS - #2 FREE VIDEO LESSON - Warm-up Drills for Beginners - Here are some great proficiency buildtennis dvding drills for beginners that will help you control the ball and build strength in your forearm. If you were just to master these exercises you can start your learning experience with the proficiency of a player who's been playing for a year! BEGINNERS...before taking a lesson from ANY pro, learn to become proficient on these warm-up drills. You'll save yourself some money in lessons, because that's what the instructor is probably going to start you off with anyway! Then order the full 8 lesson DVD and start having fun NOW! Click HERE to view on You Tube if you don't have Quick Time Movie

BEGINNERS-#3 FREE Tennis lessonVIDEO LESSON- Hitting the forehand - View on You Tube - The forehand in tennis is the first basic stroke most people learn because it is the easiest, and it uses the strongest side of your body to hit the ball. There is a correct way to start out and a million OTHER waysto do it and still hit the ball back over the net, but using the simplest compact stroke (as illustrated here) will get you the quickest most positive resultspossible. People watch tennis on TV and try to copy the big hitters and tennis stars without first learning the basic elements of the stroke, and wonder why this game is so tough to learn. Start out with a simple compact stroke as illustrated here and you'll be hitting the ball, playing games a lot sooner. And the best advice of all: TAKE A LESSON from a good instructor, it's worth the money.

tennis equipmentEQUIPMENT RUN DOWN SAVES YOU $$$ BUCKS! CLICK HERE OR PHOTO This talks about how to buy a tennis racquet depending upon several factors, and what kind of game you have or want to have. Just this section alone on the DVD will probably save you double the price of the DVD.Check out the very first minute and a half of this fantastic DVD of 8 lessons and an equipment run down. It also deals with choosing tennis shoes. What types are available, and how to evaluate different types of shoes. There are also things to be aware of in buying tennis shoes, what the feel and fit should be depending upon what kind of a game you have. If you are going to decide where to put your money on equipment, the right shoes are actually more important that which racquet to by, so check out this DVD. Keep checking our site each week for a new lesson!

Tennis DVDNEW FREE TUTORIAL - DON'T LOSE YOUR GRIP! - How to put an over grip on your racquet: Most people think when the grip gets old and worn or slippery they have to take it to the tennis shop to have a new (and expensive) leather or synthetic grip installed. NOT SO! If you just buy a $3 over-grip wrap it will save you some bucks, and after this instructional (which is on the Championship Tennis DVD) you'll know how to do it and then have what is equivalent to a new high friction grip for less than half the cost.If you computer doesn't play the video click here to view on You Tube.


Power Up Your Serve - This shows the most common mistake new players make in learning the serve, and how to correct it with a great new teaching aid: THE FLOP STICK. Because it is in HD it takes up too much space on the server so... CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON YOU TUBE .


Phase-1 DVD - This instructional VIDEO DVD described above covers all the basics of the game, and will have you hitting the ball with control in 30 days or less.


$54.95 + $5 Shpg

Championship Tennis Phase 2tennis phase 2

The second section of proficiency development is the mental reprogramming, or the Phase 2 level of CHAMPIONSHIP TENNIS. It deals with the upper level mental concentration needed to actually WIN matches. Learning how to PLAY is one thing, learning how to WIN is a whole other universe of development, as any top athlete will tell you, no matter what the sport.

CD # 1

The first CD gives you a host of specific pointers, hints and instruction that when employed will give you a distinct advantage over other players who do no know or use these techniques. How to size up opponents, know the rules, use natural forces, tricks against being cheated and lots more.

CD #2

Some players become winners in spite of their bad or improper form, lack of practice, and training, because they have the concentration and focus of true winners. "CHAMPIONSHIP TENNIS" has on CD#2 an actual mental reprogramming script that uses relaxation techniques to give your inner mind positive affirmations that you WILL carry out, improving concentration, stamina, and giving you a winner's belief system, and it is guaranteed to make you a winner...or money back. You can improve your concentration in one day with this CD and go on to victory on a regular basis!

DUAL CD system re-programs your inner-mind to WIN under pressure

Pressure...that's winning when other factors are trying to keep you from winning. Like the sun in your eyes when serving, the wind that comes up when you don't want or need it to, horns or sirens blaring, and a host of other distracting annoyances. Not to mention an opponent who wants to hit the ball away from you as hard as possible. Pressure is when everything is riding on just a few points, it could go either way and you are the determining factor. That's pressure, some people thrive on it...others fold under it. This is all about playing like pressure does not even exist, and even using pressure as a winning tool. It WILL make the difference in you walking off the court the winner.

How Does It Work?

When most people take up a new sport they watch others who are considered good at that sport and try to mimic them and their behavior. This works up to a point, but there are many aspects of the "Model's" behavior that one does not see or perceive, and these are the "Secrets" as we will call them here. Even though you may be lucky enough to gain some pointers from experienced players it is very difficult to find someone who has the special gift of teaching with the professional degree of expertise in the art of instruction. Many are great at this sport, but like in most sports it's more difficult to TEACH successfully than it is to do it.That's why many people are great "Players", but few are great "Teachers". These CDs were created from a professional educator's viewpoint using the most up to date instructional methods to bring about the most permanent retention, and application, of information learned. Until newly acquired information is APPLIED, it is not considered LEARNED, and rapid learning is what these CDs are all about!CD #2 in the Dual CD System is the relaxation / reprogramming CD in the dual CD system. This has a gentle relaxation script that takes you to a new and deeper state of relaxation deeper than you've ever known, while implanting positive affirmations in your subconscious that will be relayed to your conscious mind later bringing about a powerful, positive change in your outward physical behavior. The end result will APPLY the knowledge you gained on CD#1 more efficiently, and with less effort developing greater self-confidence which makes you even better! After you know WHAT to do then actually doing it is another story as we all know.

This CD implants the knowledge you have heard on number one CD, into your deeper warehouse of information that holds everything you have ever seen, read, heard, or perceived, and later you can recall it accurately to bring about the desired results. End learn faster, become better sooner at the sheer mechanics of hitting the ball, and learn the art of powerful concentration which makes you a winner more of the time. After you learn the basics and develop some skills then it becomes all mental, and that is what CD #2 is all about, it gives you armor plated concentration, and pin point focus. THIS is what gives you the edge over all the other competitors that have not been mentally strengthened and trained in this manner.Just DO IT! Your success is guaranteed!

SLAP STICK - A Great Training Aid - New video click here NOT SOLD OUTSIDE U.S.

tennis trainerWhat's the hardest part about teaching the serve to beginners? Getting them to make contact with the ball properly when they are tossing the ball all over the sky, right? Now with our SERVE & VOLLEY trainer, you can eliminate that part of the problem, and give them a STATIONARY ball at just the right height/position to make contact with their racquet. You can demonstrate the proper angle and strike point to propel the ball with top spin, side spin or kick serve. Once they see exactly where to brush up against the ball then they have a very good idea of how and where to hit the ball after they toss it. This is also a great trainer for placing the ball in the right position for volleys not to mention ground strokes. Because the ball can spin on it's acess you can teach the top spin strokes also. It applies the concept that "If you can't hit a stationary ball with any kind of stroke, how can you hit a moving ball with the proper stroke. UNFORCED PRACTICE TRAINING is the way to shorten the learning curve in any learning situation. Hit a stationary ball, then a moving ball, then a faster moving ball. It WORKS! Price: $18.95 + $7 shipping Total = 25.95

The FLOP STICK- Teach the serve in one easy lessFlop stickon


Since the serve is one of the most difficult things to teach because of all of the multitude of muscels and motions involved, the FLOP STICK FORCES the student to make the proper motion to NOT open up the racquet face too early in order to acheive maximum power and efficiency. If the racquet face is opened too early in the stroke the racquet will break at the joint letting them know where the problem is. Refer to the VIDEO Tennis Serve- FLOP STICK Price: $64.00 + $12 shipping Total=$76.00

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