Roger W. Breternitz C.C.Ht.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist / Sales Trainerroger hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists As member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and a graduate of the National Institute of Hypnotism in southern California in 1982, with over 300 hours of hypnotherapy education,1 year of internship, and 2 years in practice at this institution he has attained certifications as Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist., & Clinical Hypnotherapist. In 1984 founded Vector Studios, and recently, A Winners Way.com, dealing with clients in non-smoking and weight loss as well as sports dynamics and stress management. Having a wide diverse background in many areas of life such as sales /marketing, and sports proficiency he has been helping clients achieve winning excellence for over 22 years. Receiving extensive training in Neuro Linguist Programming to better gain rapport with clients he realized how NLP could be applied to any area of your life in which you would like to become a total winner. Be it the board room or the pool room, the tennis court or the Supreme Court, if you want to achieve a winner status his mental reprogramming CDs will help you get there.

He is currently presenting seminars and lectures on how to develop instant positive rapport with sales clients as it relates to direct selling as in the automotive sales, and real estate venues, including the field of telesales. Possessing two degrees in education from Southern Illinois University and Illinois State University, he has applied this knowledge of instructional methods and training to teaching others the intricate process of successful Persuasion Selling. Much of the focus is on successful office management, stress management, power marketing, and effective interaction with others in the business world. Elevating the ability to successfully interact with each other in a variety of work and social situations has given people new options in all phases of their lives by benefiting from the knowledge contained in these CDs. He is currently offering seminars on a corporate level for organizations desiring greater harmony within all levels of management and production, as well as the sales arena. The information in these CDs when listen to in the prescribed manner for the instructed amount of time of two weeks or 15 days, is guaranteed by A WINNERS WAY to bring about the desired behavioral changes in you and your behavior, or your money refunded minus shipping. Just return the undamaged product in it's original case to our office listed on our Order Page.

Author of the new book "Winning It's a Lot More Fun!" This is a collection of winning strategies, ideas, articles and formulas to make you a winner in every phase of your life. Written by Roger W. Breternitz CCht. In 325 pages it contains secrets of the world champions, insights about turning your desires in to actual reality, and converting ideas into deposits for your bank account, along with just how to attract joy in your life.He draws from a wealth of 37 years of professional business sales and management, being a professional musician/band leader, tennis and ski instructor, engineering designer, writer for a national sports magazine, and hypnotherapist with 27 years experience in helping people restructure, and motivate their lives.