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Everything you have in life, the people you know, your job, the person you married or cling to, is a result of how you think, and your belief system. At A WINNERS WAY we pride ourselves in creating the highest quality, most powerful CDs & DVDs (titles at RIGHT) for the purpose of altering this belief system to bring your life the results you want, and it's guaranteed!

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Thoughts are things! If you want to change what you have, and live on a higher level...change what you think, and how you think. Just because you're checking out this site in the first place says you either know the power of the sub-conscious, or have become interested in the power of subliminal change, relaxation reprogramming, and or the science of mental reprogramming. Here's your chance to find out what it's all about, and take the first step in a new and rewarding journey toward a better, stronger, higher thinking YOU!

Custom Made CDs

If you have a specific area or problem of your life you would like help with, and you don't see a CD or DVD for that subject listed in our products area, just call us and let us know. There is no subject we cannot create a behavior modification CD for. Just give us the parameters and let us go to work for you. Remember, the best investment you can make is in YOURSELF! All of our CDs when listened to as directed are guaranteed to bring about the desired change you are searching for in your behavior and your life, or your money is refunded. Don't wait, JUST DO IT!


Attention Potential Joint Replacement Candidates

KNEE & HIP REPLACEMENTOne man's documentation of his knee replacement in a day by day format, dealing with the preperation, actual sugery, rehab, painkillers and getting off of them, along with interviews with those who have had the same procedure in either a knee or hip replacement. This is a "Must read" for people thinking about getting it done or just about to have it done. Has many "Tips" that can save you money as well as help prevent problems, and make you aware of pitfalls about which no one has told you. Just get it, you'll be glad you did.







Winning at LOVE! - Attracting Love & Joy!

loveThere have been hundreds of books out there written that claim to guide you in how to attract the opposite sex, but very few of them if any, give you actual TOOLS to do just that. What your inner mind believes, controls what your outward behavior demonstrates. "Winning at Love" is a step-by-step instructional manual showing you how to reprogram your inner mind that WILL alter your outward behavior to be more attractive to those "Just right" members of the opposite sex. It focuses on how to build self-confidence, and uses the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to implant suggestions and get the desired responses from anyone you meet, and it is written with both men and women in mind. Get Winning at Love NOW, and in 30 days or less, attract that person you've been looking for, and recognize them when they come along. JUST DO IT! ORDER NOW!




The Most Powerful Book for Salespeople - WINNING AT SALES!

sales trainingIt has been said that over 90% of people making their living in sales, have never read ONE book on the art of selling. If you are one of these people THIS is the one book to read!!
If you are now in sales or want to get into sales, and realize you don't know everything there is to know about how to create rapport, instill confidence, and close more business, then you really need this book! It contains the secrets of Neuro-Linguist Programming, embedded commands, analog marking, matching, mirroring and pacing, eye blink technique, and many other little known "Deal closing" concepts only known by the few upper level "Master closers". This is a boiled down and simplified collective of over 25 years experience and 16different sales training programs from major corporations. It provides you with powerful information and techniques that you can take out an use instantly, turning your efforts and your phone into a cash cow like never before. So don't wait until your company tells you that you need to "Meet or exceed quota" to keep your desk, start WINNING AT SALES today, it's a lot more money!






FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. - READ THIS FIRST! If you are ordering from ANY COUNTRY OR AREA OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, (Canada is outside) YOU MUST CHECK the second option - ZONE RATE - IF USING THE SHOPPING CART, for shipping before checking out. This will ADD $10.50 ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE to your total order bringing the total shipping charge to $15.50 to handle the extra cost of shipping and handling, which means someone has to go to the U.S. Post office, wait in line, fill out a customs information form, pay the fee, it all adds up. If this is not done your order will be canceled.


Most of our orders are taken here through our web site by clicking on the "CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW" link, and it is very secure. We use Pay Pal to process our orders, and have never had a problem. But...if you would like to call us directly please do and we can take your order over the phone. That phone number is 949 / 481 0084.

Life Changing CDs/DVDs


This is our newly re-designed site. Please pardon any inconvenience during construction or updates. Keep checking for new additions all the time, and streaming video. We would always be thankful for your input and value your opinion any time. Your success is our success! That's why we offer an unconditional money back guarantee on all our products, to make sure you get what you expect, what you need and what will bring you the most powerful change, and positive results in your life! So take us up on our offer, order that Positive Reprogramming CD today, and take the first step to a new and more self-directing YOU. Because, investing in yourself is, by far the best investment you can make. Take the first step to changing for the positive ORDER NOW, and as I always say..."JUST DO IT"!

Thank you very much,

Roger W. Breternitz CCht. Owner and founder "A Winners Way"

What People Say!

Weight Loss

Mike Jones, Costa Mesa, Ca. I have really got to hand it to this weight loss CD. I have always been overweight, I was an overweight baby, my parents were fat, everyone in my family was fat. If you were your correct weight they thought you were skinny, and made jokes about you. I didn't realize it but they were just trying to justify their over eating and laziness. The biggest thing this CD did for me was to make me realize I could change, get out of this "Fat loop" I was in. Suddenly I felt new power to break away from eating more than I needed, I started enjoying being hungry, like it says. Now I am down to close to my correct weight and my family has started to respect me, and even they have started to listen to this CD. Thanks a million Winners Way!

Don't Drink & Drive CD

Jimmy Walton, St. Louis Mo. I never thought I had a drinking problem, and still don't. I've driven home under the influence loads of times. Sometimes, more under than others, and never got caught. Then one night another driver hit me when HE ran a red light and when the officer showed up, later I was ticketed for drunk driving, because I was drunk, even though it was the other guy's fault. It tells me one thing, "Don't drive after drinking", it might not even be your fault, and you can still get a DUI, and it will cost you big bucks! I wish I had gotten this CD years ago.

Power Sales Persuasion

Billy Ammabiel, Santa Ana, Ca. I've been in car sales for over 17 years, and thought I was hot. But, I was working a lot of hours, not seeing my family, and beat every night. Suddenly I am working smart, more effective, putting in less hours and making more money with less effort, and more satisfied customers. This NLP thing is unbelievable stuff.


Beverly Houston, Dallas Tx. All my life I've thought I was never as good as other girls, as smart or pretty, but now I realize it was just my sisters that tried to make me feel this way so they could feel better about themselves. Now I realize how smart and powerful I can really be, and several great looking guys think the same thing! Thank goodness for this CD, and my new vantage point on my life.

Quit Smoking

Robert Cummings - Atlanta Ga. - I was always a skeptic about Hypnosis, thought it was ridiculous, but my wife got me the program and shut me in my office and made me listen to it. In a week I just seemed not to care about cigarettes as much. In two weeks I hated smoke, and wouldn't smoke if you held a gun to my head! Now everything seems fresher, food tastes better, and people don't walk away from me when I enter a room. I never would have believed it, but this stuff really works, at least it did for me.



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