GUITAR 101 FOR FUN! Learn to play in 30 days Guaranteed!

Guitar lesson

guitar lesson


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Yes you actually can be playing songs in 30 days or less if you go through the course and do the practice excercises...we guarantee it!

If you're just starting out learning guitar, and want to begin the right way, this DVD is going to be a tremendous aid to you. It shows you how to buy the right guitar for you, has all the basics from how to hold it, tune it, pick the strings, and some basic chords and strums. The equipment rundown will save you time and money too, by leading you in the right direction for purchase of a guitar, amplifier, and other accessories. There's also valuable DOs & DON'Ts that will help protect your guitar once you buy it. guitar lesson

So don't even THINK about starting out on the learning adventure of playing guitar without this DVD. It can save you loads of time, money, and frustration. Here's what you get:

1. DVD with video lessons on how to form the major chords needed to play average simple songs, along with equipment run-down on accessories and the different types of guitars available, how they sound and work.

2. Accompanying instructional sheets with diagrams showing how to place your fingers on the strings, the tuning of the strings, numbering of strings and finger positions.

3. Chord sheet with chords to play in 3 different keys.


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If you are local to Orange County California, you're in luck if you would like a private lesson from Roger. This is ultimately the quickest and best way to learn guitar. The lesson can be tailored to your exact needs and level of proficiency. Sometimes the first lesson can keep you busy for a few weeks, depending on how much you practice...AND...When you take a 1 on 1 lesson, you can purchase the DVD for only $20. So to schedule a private lesson and find out the multi-lesson price breakdown, just call the office in Laguna Niguel. CALL NOW! 949 481 0084