SELF PROGRAMMING - Do your own reprogramming - You know what you need, teach yourselfself programming

You are your own best teacher

Like all of our Relaxation Reprogramming CDs, there is a relaxation reprogramming section, or Hypnosis relaxation section where you are put into a deep state of relaxation, and are very open to suggestion. Then there is a blank section in which you will imagine the solution to your specific problem or see yourself as the new person you want to be. You will see yourself with all the new attributes of the person you want to be, having all the traits...or none of the habits, which ever it is...of the person you wish to become.

Solve specific problems

There is no problem you have in life that cannot be removed, or improved with positive visualization, which you lean how to do in the "Blank" section of the CD. You can change behavioral traits long ingrained, change old habits you thought you could never get rid of, and in the end enjoy the new person you have PERMANTLY become. Work on one problem at a time, then move on to another area of your life, but with this CD there is no limit to what you can accomplish in changing yourself for the positive!

Keeping it confidential

Because YOU are the only one creating the reprogramming in your mind and visualizations, no one knows your business, and it's very private, very confidential. It's just you and your private time.

Costs is a fraction of a professionally created CD

The cost we would incur is obviously much greater with personnel, equipment accocation and time allotted, to create a custom personalized CD. So you save a tremendous amount of money in doing your own reprogramming and your own visualization in the blank area on the CD. really works, guaranteed!

Relaxation Reprogramming

We give you the relaxation reprogramming or Hypnosis part of the program. This is the same relaxation reprogramming script we use on all our CDs. Then, there is a blank section where you can put it the specific reprogramming affermations or do your own visualizations of the end result as you want it to be.


Start TODAY!

If this sounds like something you want to try, you have our guarantee it will work for you totally, without reservation or you money back, so don't wait and "Think about it" like most people who WANT to change but never do...JUST DO IT, CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! $54.95 + $5 Shpg


Even thought we have the most secure ordering system available some people would rather send in a check or money order. How ever you do it...JUST DO IT!