1. Listen to the REPROGRAMMING PORTION of the CD once a day for 15 consecutive days.
  2. Return product in original container undamaged before 35 days from date of purchase.
  3. Have not attempted to copy DVD or CD in any manner activating the copy protect program.
  4. Just write us a short note saying WHY you are dissatisfied with the product.

It is my personal guarantee that after viewing / listening to the Relaxation Reprogramming portion of our tapes, DVDs or Cds, and applying the concepts therein, at least once a day for not less than 15 days in succession, if you are not experiencing the desired result your are seeking, such as higher or better proficiency in your chosen sport, deeper relaxation, better concentration, or what ever your goal and reason for purchasing our program, Tape, DVD, or CD, your money will be refunded, MINUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING. This applies to all our products no matter what subject, title, or program for a period not greater than 35 days from the date of receiving said product. After that time this guarantee is null and void. Simply put if after 15 days of listening to the reprogramming portion ONCE A DAY,you are not satisfied you have 20 days to return it.
A Note from A Winners Way & Vector Studios -
Your success is more important to us than your payment. We want you to be successful in your quest to better yourself. But…you can’t wait 3 months and return the product and say it’s no good, or you can’t send it back after a week and say it didn't work, which would mean you did not listen to it as prescribed for the 15 days. 
Remember, you did not become the way you are over night and you will not change, overnight, it takes time, work, and focus. You WILL be successful if you JUST DO IT!
Thanks for your interest and faith in our products and A Winners Way

Roger W. Breternitz CCht.
Owner & founder