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We use Pay Pal payment services to run your credit cards, they are one of the most secure form of payments in the business of electronic funds transfer, and protect you by not revealing your sensitive data to any merchant, while allowing you the freedom to purchase all products of our products. If you do not have a Pay Pal account it is very easy and worth while to get one and we suggest you do so. Just click the link below or the Pay Pal icon above to get started - https://www.paypal.com/

Order by Phone 949 542 7935


In typewritten form or hand printed please write down exactly what CDs or DVDs you wish to order (By title) the cost, add $5 for shipping if with in the UNITED STATES,

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. - READ THIS FIRST!If you are ordering from ANY COUNTRY OR AREA OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, (Canada is outside) YOU MUST CHECK the second option (ZONE RATE) IF USING THE SHOPPING CART, for shipping before checking out. This will ADD $10.50 ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE to your total order bringing the total shipping charge to $15.50 to handle the extra cost of shipping and handling. If this is not done your order will be canceled. If using THE FORM BELOW - you must add an additonal $10.50 to the standard $5 shipping charge bringing the total of shpping to $15.50. If this is not done your order will be canceled.

ADD 9.2 % for California orders, and make check or M.O. payable to: VECTOR STUDIOS - 16 ANDORRA ST. LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA. 92677

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